Korisliiga kauden alkuun on puolitoista kuukautta ja on aika esitellä Lahti Basketballin neljän Yhdysvalloista saapuva pelaaja, Jaylen Sebree. Sebreellä on edessä ensimmäinen kausi ammattilaisena ja mikä olisikaan parempi paikka aloittaa ura ammattilaisena kuin Lahti.

How has your summer been so far? I must say this has been one of the best summers so far! It’s the first summer in the last few years that I haven’t had to take college courses or prepare for college. This has given me the opportunity to spend more time with family and friends and I’ve been blessed to continue to get better physically by working out with professional basketball players and trainers.

Tell us a little bit about yourself? I am a versatile 6’7 player that loves to compete and have fun. I’ve lived and breathed basketball since I was old enough to pick up a basketball ball. I am from a very small town, Hopkinsville, Kentucky where most of my family still lives. I enjoy spending time with family, love a great meal, love to shop, and I’m on the game when I have time.

Tell me about little bit your college career? Honestly, college presented a few challenges, but I overcame each obstacle. I attended three great universities, but, Tennessee Tech, where I began my master’s degree was, by far, my best college experience.

Who is your idol? I really don’t have an idol, though, I admire Lebron James on and off the court.

How did you hear about Lahti Basketball? My agent is where I first heard about Lahti Basketball.

Why did you choose Lahti Basketball? The program’s level of interest in me was really a deciding factor for me. The team feels that I’ll be an important addition to their program and I want to be where I’m wanted and where the coaches see the value that my character and talent can bring to a team.

What kind of player is Lahti Basketball getting by signing you? Lahti Basketball is getting a determined, resilient, respectful, coachable, hard-working, “gonna give you his all player”! You are getting a player that if players were ranked based on character, I’d be ranked #1.

If you have to name one player who is your game reminding of, who would that be? Others say my game reminds them of Paul George or Russell Westbrook. But honestly, I think my game is unique to me.

Your all time starting 5? Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, Kevin Durant, Shaquille O’Neal

Do you know anything about your new hometown Lahti? I know that Lahti is in Finland, which is located between Russia and Sweden. The native language is Finnish. I heard it gets very cold there and in the winter, there are only a few hours of daylight. I read that Lahti is called the little “Chicago” of Finland. I also read that it’s one of the best places to see the Northern Lights.

Greetings to Lahti Basketball fans? Lahti Basketball Fans, I’m humbled and grateful for the opportunity to be part of Lahti Basketball! I am completely blessed to be able to do what I love to do each and every day. Basketball is my passion and my personal goal each time I step on the court is to turn that passion into the energy that my teammates feel, energy that the fans feel, and the energy needed to win games! I can’t wait for each one of you fans to feel it! And in turn, we, as a team, are fueled by your energy! Lahti Fans, it’s an honor. 

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