Lahti Basketballin peliä pyörittää ensi kaudella 26-vuotias, Harrison Cleary. Clearyn tie Lahteen on kulkenut Espanjan ja Saksan kautta. Saksassa takamies pelasi harvinaisessa roolissa, sillä hän pelasi saman organisaation sisällä kolmea eri sarjaa ( Saksan pro B, Bundesliiga ja Eurocup).

Lahti Basketball mediatiimi haastoi Clearyn juttutuokioon kesken helteisen heinäkuisen päivän.

How has your summer been so far?

Summer has been going well. It’s nice to be back home in my hometown of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I’ve been enjoying time with my loved ones, and getting prepared for the new season with my trainers that I’ve worked with for most of my life!

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

I grew up for a majority of my life in Milwaukee before going to play Division II basketball in college at Minnesota Crookston where I became the all-time scoring leader with 2,846 points. Basketball has always been my passion and the things that consumes a majority of my time. But off the court I like to hangout with my friends, or find some good food or coffee.

Tell me about your pro career so far? 

I’ve been on a bit of a journey so far in my career, starting in 2020 in Leb Oro, Spain, and the following year playing in Leb Plata, Spain. The first 2 years had a lot of ups and downs and didn’t necessarily go how we wanted them to go. But we kept fighting and found a home in Germany last season where I landed in a good situation and had the best year of my career. 

How was your last season in Germany? 

My year in Germany was a great year all around. My team, and the city of Wedel will always have a special place in my heart. The organization put a lot of trust in me and allowed me to show who I am as a player. I finished as the leading scorer in the league and averaged 5 assists as well. I was able to play with the Hamburg Towers of the BBL and Eurocup as well where I grew alot as a player and showed I was capable of playing at a high level. I’m grateful for my time spent in Germany.

Who is your idol? 

My dad is my idol off of the court. Understanding his background and where he came from to where he is now is a testament to who he is, and the work he’s put in to make sure his family is taken care of is a beautiful thing. Off the court my idol would be Kobe Bryant because of his work ethic and mindset when it came to the game of basketball. 

How did you hear about Lahti Basketball? 

I heard about Lahti Basketball initially from Coach Tom. My agent told me Lahti was interested and within minutes Coach Tom and I were on a video call. 

You signed with Lahti quite early. Why did you choose Lahti Basketball?

I chose Lahti initially because of their belief in me. The interest the entire organization had in me coming there and the trust in me to be a vital piece of the team was really important to me. After my first talks with Coach Tom and Roope I knew they were genuine and we were on the same page. It was early in the off-season for me to sign, but I wanted to go where I was wanted and was going to play a big role and Lahti made it clear they were the answer for me. 

What kind of player is Lahti Basketball getting by signing you? 

Lahti Basketball is getting an extremely hard worker. That’s always the first place I hang my hat. I’ve worked tirelessly on my game for years and years and that’s the reason I am where I am today. Aside from that, I’m looking to bring great playmaking and scoring, leadership, and a mindset to do whatever it takes to win games for Lahti Basketball. 

If you have to name one player who is your game reminding of, who would that be? 

It’s hard to compare your game to someone, I try to take bits and pieces of great players games and form them into mine if possible. But I think I have similarities to Shane Larkin and Payton Pritchard 

Your all time starting 5? 

Steph Curry, Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, LeBron James and Shaquille O´Neal.

Do you know anything about your new hometown Lahti? 

I don’t know too much about Lahti but I’ve heard great things. I’ve talked to many former players and have heard good things about the organization and the city overall. I’m excited to get there and see the city for myself!

Greetings to Lahti Basketball fans?

Hey Lahti Basketball fans, I’m really excited to get to Lahti and meet everyone. I’m looking forward to seeing you guys pack Lahti Energia Areena and give us a great boost of energy and support while we return the favor and work hard and play good basketball! Looking forward to a great season overall and winning as many games as possible.