Lahti Basketball hankki kokemusta takakentälle, kun 27-vuotias, Devon Thomas, rustasi nimensä sopimuspaperiin. Thomas on nähnyt maailmaa ja pelannut uransa aikana Tanskassa, Ranskassa, Kroatiassa ja tämän kesän Vietnamissa. Lahti Basketball tavoitti taskuraketin puhelimitse Vietnamista.

How has your summer been so far?

  • My summer has been amazing. First time traveling to Asia. Been in Vietnam since about the end of May/Early June. Loving every moment of this experience.

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

  • A little about me, I’m a very chill person. Very much of a home body. I’m the person that enjoys the hunt more than the destination. And I’m probably the best ping pong player in Lahti lol

Who is your idol?

  • My Idol growing up has always been my grandfather. Most giving, loving, and honest (lol) person I have ever met.

Tell us a little bit about your career so far?

  • Well, I’ve been playing basketball since I could remember. Probably started around the age of 4 or 5. Play basketball all over the US. Been playing professionally in Europe, going into my sixth year.

How did you hear about Lahti Basketball?

  • I heard about Lahti through my agent. I’ve always heard about the league here in Finland. I’ve had some friends that have played in Finland before.

Why did you choose Lahti Basketball?

  • It was the best fit form me in my career at this moment. I had a great conversation with Coach Pieti, and we just clicked from the first conversation. I trust in his vision and I think it was the best opportunity for me to joint the great basketball club of Lahti.

What kind of player is Lahti Basketball getting by signing you?

  • Lahti is getting a real professional on and off the court. Someone that can roll with the punches that comes with a long season. A person that is selfless and willing to do anything to help the team win. I play with passion night in and night out. And I never take this game for granted.

If you have to name one player who is your game reminding of, who would that be?

  • Steve ‘Wink’ Francis

Your all time starting 5?

  • Shaq, Kobe, Mike, KD, and Iverson

Do you know anything about your new hometown Lahti?

  • I haven’t heard much. But I’m excited to get there and experience Lahti to the fullest!

Greetings to Lahti Basketball fans?

  • I can’t wait to get there and meet everyone. It’s going to be a special season!