Nijal Pearson,23, liittyi Lahti Basketballin riveihin Ranskan Pro A:ssa pelaavasta Roannen joukkueesta. Maaottelutauon aikana tärkeää harjoitusaikaa uuden joukkueensa kanssa saava, Pearson istahti Lahti Basketball mediatiimin haastateltavaksi maanantain aamuharjoituksen jälkeen.

How are you doing, Nijal?  I’m well everything is good. 

How has your first 2 week been in Lahti? My first two weeks have been nice. Getting acclimated to the team, to the work schedule just basic things.

How do you like the cold weather? The cold weather has been an adjustment but it’s not too bad.

Tell us a little bit about yourself? Where did you grow up? What about your family? I’m 23 years old I grew up in a single family household in Beaumont Texas. A small city on the outside of Houston. I was Raised by my mother along with my 2 elder brothers.

Did you play any other sports than basketball? Why did you choose basketball? I played other sports for fun, but basketball is the only sport that I have played organized. Basketball was my first love since 4 years old

You played your college basketball in Texas State University, how was that 4 years? It was an exceptional four years. I love Texas State as a university and the town. It was a great four years where I grew up a lot as a basketball player and a man.

Your first professional job was in Pro A France. Pro A is one of the toughest leagues in the world. How was that experience?It was a fun experience to be able to compete against some of the best basketball players in the world. It was very high level competitive basketball, which is something that I love.

How was COVID situation in France? Covid was pretty extreme in France, it caused our season to take many breaks and in 5 months we were only able to play 7 league games.

What was the first impression when you heard about Lahti Basketball? I was thankful for the opportunity first. Seen what kind of organization it was and heard a lot of good things about how the club is ran and how well the players are treated.

You had to spend 72 hours in quarantine and then you had a first game without any practise with the team, how was that? That was a little rocky. It was an experience I’ll never forget, luckily we got the W and it didn’t take me long to build chemistry with my new teammates.

What is your impression about our team? I like how competitive this team is. They want and believe they can win every game, which is perfect environment for me. I think we have a chance to do special things and we are trending in the right direction.

What kind of player are you? I’m a winner on the court first. An all around aggressive player that likes to make winning plays. I like to have fun on the basketball court. I’m a good scorer and a good defender. 

Who is your favourite player in the NBA? Steph Curry

Your all time starting 5? Steph Curry, Mike J, Bron, KD, Hakeem Olajuwon

What about your favourite team? Warriors 

Your greetings to Lahti Basketball fans? I’m glad to be here I hope you guys are excited about the way I play and I keep you guys entertained.