Getting to know Jarred Jones

Lahti Basketball teki heinäkuun lopussa sopimuksen 24 vuotiaan Jarred Jonesin kanssa. Lahti Basketballin mediatiimi haastatteli Jonesia pian sopimuksen allekirjoittamisen jälkeen.
Tell me little bit of yourself? 
I am 24 years of age. I am 210 lbs (95kg) and 6’7 (201cm). For high school I went to the John Carroll School where I won back to back MIAA championships. In College I went to the Loyola University of Maryland where in my senior year I led my team to a 16 win season. I did track & field for one year in high school as well as I played football in the years prior to high school. Basketball has always been my passion but I am a very active person so trying other sports kept me in shape. I work hard in everything I do and I always try to learn from my mistakes so I never make the same mistake twice.
Tell me about your family?
Brionna (22) which plays for the Connecticut Sun in the WNBA as well as top league in Russia. Other sister, Stephanie (20), plays for the University of Maryland which is a top 10 Division 1 collegiate team and last my brother Jordon (18) just graduate high school and is going to start his first year in prep school in which he will attend college the following year. All of us play basketball and play against and with each other to make ourselves better. Both of my parents played collegiate sports with my father playing basketball and my mother playing volleyball. 
Where are you from?
I am from Havre de Grace, Maryland in the United States where I have lived my whole life. Nearest big city is Baltimore, which Washington DC the capital of the United States also being close.
What do you like to do in your spare time?
I love to play video games as well as watch movies. Video games are very interesting to me as there is always something to new to learn and do with each game and I love a challenge and trying to be the best at something.
Your favourite player all time?
My favorite player of all time is Kevin Durant.He is my favorite because he is so skilled and he has a great work ethic. He is from Washington DC which is very close to me and has caused me to follow him since he was in high school.
What kind of music you like? 
I am a fan of Hip Hop and R&B and I normally stick with those two genres for the most part.
Tell Lahti Basketball fans what kind of player are you? 
I am a very high energetic player who is very versatile as I play multiple positions. I take pride in my defense and making the other team work hard for every basket. I have been called the glue guy as I am that piece that really helps the team come together and give what they need.
What will you bring to Lahti Basketball?
I hope to bring a positive attitude as well as a winning attitude as that makes the game fun and exciting to watch for the fans.
You played your college career in Loyola ( MD ). How was your college career?
My college career was rocky at first but finished up very good. My first couple years I battled injury but when healthy I stayed pretty consistent as well when I finished my college career I finished up being one of two players in program history which finished up with 1000 points 500 rebounds 100 steals 100 blocks. I believe that speaks volumes as it shows that I am not just a one dimensional player and do multiple things.
What was one most important thing you learned in college basketball?
The most important thing I learned from college is to be patient as everything is a marathon. Coming into college I rushed everything I did and I wasn’t effective as I could be, once I slowed down and became patient I began to get the results I wanted and started to be more consistent throughout the whole season.
What kind of basketball your team played in college?
My college team was pretty small so we played very fast pace and played inside out.
After good college career you had tough time to find first professional team. Why was that? 
I had a tough time finding my first professional team as I was with a different agency and things didn’t go as planned with that agency in finding a team so I had to find a new agency which led me to go to Germany with my first team.
How was your half year in Germany? 
My half year in Germany went very well as it was a great experience being in Germany and learning their culture as well as basketball wise everything went as planned. We went 7-1 with our only loss being my first game there.
How did you play there? 
I played very well as I averaged 20 points 7 rebounds 2 assists 1 block and 2 steals. I was well liked among the organization and we finished the season 7-1 record while I was there which had us in the standings tied for 4th in league.
Do you know anything about Lahti or about Lahti Basketball? 
I do not know much about Lahti basketball except one player that played in Lahti last year Devin Martin who I spoke with briefly and said nothing but good things about Lahti and Lahti basketball.
What kind of expectations you have coming to Lahti?
I expect to have a great season in Lahti as well as bring hopefully bring a championship to Lahti.
Greetings to Lahti Basketball fans? 
I can’t wait to meet all of the Lahti fans and they can see who I am and see what I will bring to Lahti basketball and want to come to all of our games. Thankful for this opportunity and can’t wait to get started.